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Nick Danilov
Creative work by artist painter Nick Danilov is represented by his paintings, acrylic...
Francisco Bustamante Gubbins
Chilean artist
Yadviga Kelly
All my life I was fascinated by the beauty of birds and animals. They inspire my...
Amadeo Modigliani
Italian French painter and sculptor known for his portraits and nudes
Magdalena Nemesh
Ekaterina Savchenko
I see unity everywhere. Everything is interconnected in an invisible net, a single...
Joerg Fraske
" I am a colorist and expressionist; to me, that means that I have a vocabulary of...
Mikhail GUBIN
Photography, Painting, Mixed Media, Collage, Drawing
Ricardo Carbajal Moss
I am a MINIMAL REALIST artist.
michael meikson
Serious hobbyist with an emphasis on technique
I fond of using mixed media: acrylic, oil, paint, pencils and oil pastels to create a...
Graciela Bello
Argentine contemporary artist
James Justin Brown
Architect, Painter, Poet
Luigia Zilli
Betty Rubinstein
For me, painting is a way of life. I paint with oil, acrylic and aquarelle in a...