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Susan Knaap
Michael Fenton
My primary goal is to paint stories in a realistic style. I favor optimistic...
Halis Karakurt
Turkish artist
Silvia Rossi
Gerard Frances
Gerard Frances was born in 1955 in France . He presently lives and works in Paris and...
Ekaterina Savchenko
I see unity everywhere. Everything is interconnected in an invisible net, a single...
Forum Gallery
A New York Gallery representing more than thirty contemporary artists and estates.
RiccoMaresca Gallery
Leading New York gallery
Anna VanMatre
Anna VanMatre creates paintings as dimensional as possible
Helen Laishley
A figurative, narrative painter. The paintings are rich in colour, characterised by...
Duilio Fonda
mi pintura intenta rescatar la tradicion pictorica de los grandes maestros del Rio de...
Richard Mittelstadt
Interests in painting, drawing, watercolor landscapes, photography, art education
Andrew Jackson
Betty Rubinstein
For me, painting is a way of life. I paint with oil, acrylic and aquarelle in a...