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Marcelo Martinez Casás
"Life a smile, nature poem, a musical note, a picture and all reflected in the family...
Michael Fenton
My primary goal is to paint stories in a realistic style. I favor optimistic...
Amadeo Modigliani
Italian painter and sculptor who is known for portraits and nudes
Andrew Jackson
Mikhail GUBIN
Photography, Painting, Mixed Media, Collage, Drawing
Martine Cyr
The irresolution of psychic spaces and serves in displacing the balance of the work...
James Justin Brown
Architect, Painter, Poet
Dmitry Gubin
Pedro Morales
I am... not what i think i am!
I fond of using mixed media: acrylic, oil, paint, pencils and oil pastels to create a...
RiccoMaresca Gallery
Leading New York gallery
Halis Karakurt
Turkish artist
Carlos Aquilino
Painting, Drawing
Nancy Block
Abstract Expressionist Oil Painiting